restlessinthetrees2 replied to your post “¦that awkward moment when I posted something on the 31st and someone…”

….I should not be awake right now but I just laughed out loud at the bookcase kAIROS WH Y

well considering the hour I’d say it’s perfectly normal allie behavior


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who is your favorite youtuber???????????????????? this is a very important and serious question!!!


o h d e a r.

I should’ve known this is coming but h o w do I pick someone hel p

*frantically opens subscription list*

(…I should probably say up front that since moving I haven’t been able to waste spend as many hours on youtube so I’ve kinda completely fallen behind with most of them asfkjl;gkasdf)

  • Peter Hollens (and his wife Evynne Hollens) - absolutely fantastic musician couple. Who loves their fans a whole lot. And has an adorable baby boy. It doesn’t get more perfect than that. (not to mention good friends with Lindsey Stirling who of course you know because if you don’t what are you doing with your life)
  • StephenVlog - this guy and his vlogs (which i’ve completely lost track of oops) and his eccentric friends and his adorkable wife and his wonderful fans. Mmmm yes. I actually spent most of my youtubing time watching his very well-produced let’s plays (on his other channel StephenPlays). Pro tip: anything with Mal is instantly hilarious.
  • Dan and Phil because well duh.
  • If you feel like randomly learning something there’s CGP Grey! Cool videos explaining things you’ve always wondered and some that you haven’t thought of. Then there’s the ones about the American election system which I’m pretty sure is supposed to give everyone intense headaches. ‘MURICAH
  • wow I haven’t subscribed to anyone new in a long time

Thanks for asking and stay awesome!

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what does one have to do to be a member of the fantastic trio? (it wont be a trio anymore though) ok well..HI I thought I'd let you know that seeing your friendship with my tumblr brotp is the best and yeah stay street :)

ayyy hello there person that I think I know dear anon

well from my personal experience I’ve compiled a few pointers

  • stalk a lot
  • send weird asks
  • scream over everything
  • butt in on inside jokes
  • find their weaknesses (usually in the form of band members or small domestic mammals)
  • make… stuff. anything. the more nonsensical the better
  • sCraMBLE
  • ummm
  • doN’T ever do the mozzarella thing


i desperately wanted to use another adam picture but alas i can’t find it anywhereeeee so dancing adam’ll have to do

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Hello! I really enjoy your blog and your art is absolutely amazing. I hope you've been having a wonderful week so far!


a n o n ohmygosh thank you so much for this. the fact that you took the time to say this and wish me a wonderful week I just… this means so much to me. and you mean so much to me. asgklj;asf. I hope you know how precious and important you are, and I hope you have an absolutely beautiful week because darnit you deserve one.


when you hear a song by your favorite artist in the store and try to keep calm

I only have two modes

  • not talk about myself at all
  • here take a seat let me tell you my entire life story and all my dreams and hopes and fears and passions and my favorite movies books music animal european country color season youtuber sherlock episode would you like tea or coffee
  • there is no in between

…that awkward moment when I posted something on the 31st and someone reblogged it on the… 30th. HUZZAH TIME ZONES

Willow Tree March - The Paper Kites
And you weaken your love
And you hold it above your head
Success is a song of the heart
Not a song of your bed

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wassup just wanted to stop by and say to stay awesome and stay street

adam young is my spirit animal okay

why helloooo to you too anon who came out of nowhere that I definitely don’t have any ideas is who *cough*

thank you so much for this and I will try my darnedest to stay awesome and… stay… street? whatever josh meant by that. y o u stay awesome too okay

sorry that i’m just saying the same ol’ bland stuff again i mean people think of you during their day and take the time to drop a nice note how do you react without being too over the top but not too dull either

…this stuff usually goes in the tags i’m sorry