"So, at the end of it all, I want our songs to be the ones that got people through the tough times, challenged them to ask the big questions, and opened the windows and the doors of the soul to look at a story bigger than ourselves."

Happy birthday to one of the most inspiring, incredible, genuine people on the planet. Your constant optimism, empathy, wisdom, compassion, and love for music, people, and life make you such an amazing role model for so many. You’ve written countless words that have moved people to grow, to change, and often to stay alive, and your unfailing hope shines not only through your songs, but in all of us. To a man who has influenced and inspired so many souls, who has overcome adversity through the will of love, whose overwhelming honesty changes the world every single day - happy birthday. Here’s to many, many more.

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everything about this is so beaut ifu l i'm going to com bu s t happiest of birthdays to this truly extraordinary man jon foreman hero switchfoot

In which I finally dip my toes into some Twenty One Pilots schtuff….


k so I finally gave in to all of the TOP hype in the Switchfam by lurking on Tyler Joseph’s Twitter page and watching the music videos for Guns for Hands and Truce. So far this is all I’ve gotten out of it:


that’s twenty one pilots for ya. you’d probably spend a good while going “ehh that’s really not what I’m usually into but okay and I guess this part’s kinda interesting-ish hmm” then one day everything just hits home and it’s like sadkalsdcklawejawlofiawep;slceolfkerjlffj twe nt y on e pil o t s.

a lot of tyler's verse talks about his struggles with guilt and God and for me those are some of the most powerful and emotionally raw writings I've read so I sincerely hope you get to discover the joys and heartaches of twenty one pilots for yourself too ... *chants* one of us øné öf ûs õ ń ę ø f ü š

"just be yourself" people don’t understand how demanding that phrase is